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After Wet Cupping, Lumps in the Breasts Disappear Featured

    After Wet Cupping, Lumps in the Breasts DisappearAfter Wet Cupping, Lumps in the Breasts Disappear

    Firstly I was shocked and surprised when the results of laboratory tests and pap smears showed several lumps in the breast. I was hopeless and felt bland of life when the doctor suggested that I had surgery before more lumps.

    Moreover, my age was still 22 years old. I am looking for literature about breast lumps. Indeed, when still benign it is possible to be treated immediately so as not to multiply. As a result I have consumed many herbs, but there is no change.

    Nearly three months I was silent and not confident with what was experienced. It so happened that when I was in the campus canteen I met a classmate. He told me that he had a cupping expert (oxidant releasing therapy).

    This friend of mine told me that after being burned, the body feels light, comfortable, and there are no more distractions on the body. Only when it was told like that was still confused, how could it be and what kind of logic could it be that it sucked up its blood could be healthy.

    At that time, I only listened to him, even though in my heart a question mark arose. Not at length, my friend gave his therapist's cellular phone number. Until the evening home, I was still wondering and thinking about my friend's story earlier.

    After Maghrib prayer, I tried to contact the therapist. First I called three times but there was no answer. It turned out that at 21:00 p.m., the therapist had just replied by sending an SMS message like this: "Sorry, who is this and where are you from? What can I help you Sir/Madam".

    Initially I wanted to text and introduce myself, because I thought that if I texted it it would not be satisfied to ask for an explanation of the method, technique and logic of the treatment. Once I received the text, I immediately called him and connected.

    In the conversation I told you that after the lab tests and pap smears the results were not pleasant. Then I ask if treated, is there a guarantee of recovery? He then assured that Allah and His Messenger who guaranteed his recovery.

    He also conveyed traditions about the treatment. This is where my belief emerged and it felt like there was some kind of energy that pushed me to get treatment immediately. Because it was late, I decided to make an appointment tomorrow at my house.

    Right, the next day he comes home. At home there is my mother and sister. At home he delivered his methods and techniques. Alhamdulillah, my mother and younger siblings became more convinced.

    One more impressive thing is to try it first, the results handed over to God. That's the recommendation. Incidentally my mother also often suffered from back pain and my sister had asthma that was already severe.

    Finally that day the three of us were treated. Each person is treated for about 15-20 minutes. After therapy I immediately felt well and relieved.

    My mother said she was nice and light. Likewise, my younger brother relieved and his tightness gradually improved. I myself feel something is as if pulled from my body. After therapy, he came home.

    Three days later he texted and questioned the progress after the therapy. We say there are significant changes. My mother, who usually consumes lumbago, now doesn't need to drink anymore.

    My younger siblings who usually recur after the Maghrib prayer do not exist anymore. Although sometimes recur, but not as often as after treatment. Likewise with me. I felt lumps in the hard breast, it felt softening. Even the taste has turned smaller.

    So in a month, every week we get treated. My mother and sister felt suitable because they did not need to take medicine or take medicine. The results are immediately felt. I myself feel there is a remarkable change.

    Alhamdulillah during routine treatment, the lumps in the breast were completely gone. Even though I have to operate, I don't dare to. Until now I do therapy twice a month to maintain my health.

    Thank you, Allah, my God and Lord, for your grace and help. Thank you to Mr. Candra, for being healthy through him. This is my story and experience after therapy, hopefully it will be an inspiration to all readers.

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