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Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-1 Featured

    Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-1Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-1

    During this term stress better known as psychiatric conditions. Was more than that, the stress experienced by the blood that flows in our bodies, especially when the material responds bad blood coming in, such as cigarette smoke or some kind of other pollutants.

    In general, smokers expect to inhale tobacco smoke will reduce the tension, more relaxed and as a friend when thinking, man when alone or when gripped by the cold. So for some people smoking has become a necessity. Ironically, when the person is trying to relieve the stress, the stress of moving to red blood cells in the body.

    Impact stress that attacks the blood is no less fatal, in the long term this will be the trigger cancer. Stress in red blood cells is a reality. Blood cells was said to have stress when there is a change of normal blood cells undergo oxidative stress or changing chemical bond of blood in the attack free radicals that trigger oxidation.

    Oxidative stress can alter blood that attacks the blood and cause environmental red blood cells deviate from homeostasis (the body's natural reaction is to maintain concentration of substances in the body that is always constant).

    While irregularities homeostasis of the body can harm red blood cells. Metabolisme oxygen in red blood cells is a series of processes are complex and interrelated and continued for 120 days. Damage to red blood cells can interfere with functions that deliver oxygen for respiration for the cell. To protect red blood cells, red blood cells in natural antioxidants are compounds with high levels.

    Covers superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, and glutathione peroxidase (GPx). Therefore it can be said red blood cells are the cells vital body functions. Red blood cells are one of the cells that are highly susceptible to free radicals. Red blood cells have no nucleus.

    In the event of damage caused by cigarette smoke pollution, vehicle emissions, foods and beverages that are not healthy and others, can not maintain blood levels of antioxidants (which is normally obtained naturally) by way synthesize.

    Red blood cells can adapt in the event of attack agents that cause cell oxidation. But if the oxidation of cells exceeds the tolerance limit, the red blood cells will fail to adapt. This is common when interacting with stressors (causes of oxidative stress) long and with strong intensity so that the red blood cells undergo exhausted (fatigue).

    If this is allowed to happen in a long time will occur denaturation spektrin (damage to the wall) of red blood cells is permanent and reduce the function of red blood cells in sustaining life.

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