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Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-2 Featured

    Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-2Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-2

    Interaction prolonged stressors such as due to smoking habits led to decreased levels of catalase and GPx. Lowering antioxidants in the body and increase the levels of H2O2 molecules inside red blood cells.

    In addition, materials Carsinogenic (trigger cancer) contained in cigarettes increase the concentration of free radicals. High levels of nicotine increases the formation of H2O2 (free radicals) that can damage the membranes of red blood cells spektrin.

    Spektrin broken can be seen from the number of red blood cells that do not pass filter. Even in smokers, levels of H2O2 more and more because nicotine intake of 30-90 mg of the average two packs of cigarettes smoked per day.

    Red blood cells are elatis and this can be seen in the screening process. Elasticity of red blood cells will lead to adjustments diameter capillary blood when passing through a gap in the screening.

    Spontaneously return to its original shape without changing its shape and function. Blood results of the study to the subject of active smokers and nonsmokers for comparison.

    By filtration of red blood cells using a polycarbonate membrane pore diameter 5um. With the constant pressure of 100 mmHg within three minutes of the first was concluded smoking can reduce the value of the red blood cells that pass often.

    To get the value of the percentage of blood that passes the filter, blood was taken from median cubital vein humans as much as 4 ml then put the bottle containing the anti-blood clotting then filtered and distinguished as the blood passes the filter and not pass the filter.

    Then count the number of red blood cells pass the filter (in percent) is obtained from the ratio between the number of red blood cells that pass filtered by the number of red blood cells that do not pass filter multiplied by 100 percent.

    In smokers decreased red blood elastisitassel up to 47 percent and decrease in cell elasitistas be fatal when it declines to below 47 percent. However, regardless of the percentage reduction in the elasticity of red blood cells still need to watch out for will mempendek lifespan of red blood cells.

    Therefore it is natural that the habit of smoking when the stress of cancer will double attack. This is because in conditions of stress, the immune system tends to decrease.

    This is compounded when the amount of antioxidants depressed due to high levels of nicotine in the blood. Shortening the life of red blood cells due to a decrease in the elasticity of red blood cells will also weaken the body. Then it is best to deal with stress is to multiply worship and keep cigarettes as a stress reliever.

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