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Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-3 Featured

    Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-3Blood Cells When Experiencing Stress-3

    The best solution when the stress is by "berbekam" or cupping whack treatment.

    Cupping the blood vessels in addition to easing tensions was able to prevent an increase in oxidative stress in red blood cells.

    In the research by the method of filtration of red blood cells taken from the subject of smokers and non-smokers who dibekam showed significant differences.

    Cupping on meridian points (potent point) trigger hypoxia and expenditure broken blood from the body. This reaction serves to stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells soon new (erythrocit regeneration) by stimulating the hormone erythropoietin.

    The new generation of red blood cells in the blood circulation contains catalase and GPx were normal. In addition, red blood cells have spektrin (red blood cell walls) are still intact and has antioxidants that are still in good condition.

    So that it can perform its functions optimally neutralize free radicals. Results of the study revealed another fact bruise miracle. Has been scientifically proven that cupping can have an effect that is very important to maintain homeostasis of red blood cells that can prevent oxidative stress in red blood cells.

    This resulted in an increase in the number of red blood cells that pass filter therefore no interference occurs elasticity of red blood cells. In other words, cupping is a perfect solution to cope with stress, particularly stress on red blood cells.

    So it is true traditions of the Prophet Muhammad who said: "Every disease has a cure" and "The best treatment is to release oxidant (bekam)". The reason, almost all diseases using blood media while cupping shown to improve the quality and function of blood. So our health motto is any illness, cupping cure.

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