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Breast Lumps Is Not Always Cancer Featured

    Breast Lumps Is Not Always CancerBreast Lumps Is Not Always Cancer

    Anxious and nervous. So it is generally felt by most womenfolk if they find certain parts of their breasts hardened or there are lumps.

    They always arise excessive anxiety. Especially if touched to other parts there are other lumps of course increasingly upset.

    Finding a lump around the breast does not mean that someone has a tumor or cancer. Because many things need to be checked if the breast lump outside is normal.

    Indeed, suspicion of a lump in the breast it must be. But if making a lump as a scourge will certainly lead to new problems.

    According to the experience of women affected by tumors or cancer, the lump in the breast was not painful at first. Unless the conditions are very severe.

    It can arise painful, stiff, or other uncomfortable things. This is because the nerves in the breast area have been affected by a tumor or cancer.

    As for the characteristics of tumors or cancer in the breast can be seen asymmetrical differences. One of them is the size of the right and left breast different.

    If you look closely there are hollows and nipples are pulled inside. Then the skin around the breast reddish and visible pores.

    With this condition there are also some areas in the breast injured. However, the condition of each tumor or cancer in a woman's breast is different.

    Why? Every cancer is not necessarily marked from the lumps in the breast area. Only, breast cancer tends to be seen there are cysts in the breast.

    Usually in this condition accompanied by discharge from the nipple. There is also blood fluid coming out of the nipple.

    In other conditions, indications of tumor or breast cancer if there are wounds in the breast area is difficult to cure. If the condition is like this, it must be treated immediately.

    Check the condition of healthy breasts or can be done alone. You do this by raising both hands up and then shaking it.

    Generally, checking is seen in front of a mirror. When rocking if there are breasts that are not lifted?

    If everything is lifted when shaken it can be said to be normal. However, if indicated by the tumor, when shaken it will be silent or not raised.

    Conclude that the tumor or cancer are many variables. One example of chronic boils around the breast area. Lumps when touched or pressed feels pain.

    Meanwhile, if the lump is a tumor then it hurts, unless it's already severe and affects the nerves. Of course it feels hot, painful, and not frivolous.

    To determine whether a lump in the breast area is a tumor or cancer a special examination is required by means or mammography to the hospital.

    This tool uses X-ray technology. Mammography will show images of breast area clearly. Various breast disorders can be detected.

    For example whether there is breast cancer, tumors, breast cysts, calcium buildup, classification of other breast area, or breast abnormalities.

    From the mammography test, if there is a lump in the breast, it is not necessarily breast cancer. It could be that the lump is a tumor that is not dangerous or benign.

    As experts and paramedics have investigated, benign cancer or tumor is a collection of cells.

    It's just that these cells are the result of abnormal division in a network that settles in an area of the body's organs.

    Benign tumors do not migrate or spread to other organs. Moreover, tumors can be easily treated through appropriate and accurate medical procedures.

    In contrast to breast cancer, this is a group of cells that grow uncontrollably in tissues. This cell has the potential to spread and move to other organs in the body.

    It Is Not Always Cancer

    One type of benign (non-cancerous) tumor is called a mammae fibroadenoma. Mammary fibroadenoma is a benign tumor in a woman's breast that is formed due to abnormalities in tissue growth.

    Mammary fibroadenoma formation occurs by fibrous stromal tissue and lobular epithelial proliferation. Mammary fibroadenoma is usually found in women under the age of 30 years.

    A person may suffer from one or many fibroadenomas. Fibroadenomas can maintain their size or grow larger or reverse shrink over time.

    If the fibroadenoma is large enough to be touched, it will usually feel like a round lump that is relatively strong so it might move under the skin.

    Symptoms of fibroadenoma are usually not painful or soft to the touch. Most people don't experience any symptoms other than bumps.

    However, according to Breast Cancer Care (BCC), fibroadenoma may feel soft before menstruation. Fibroadenoma can also become larger during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or while taking hormone replacement therapy.

    However, fibroadenomas will usually return to their previous size after hormone fluctuations. The causes of fibroadenoma are unknown, but may be related to reproductive hormones.

    Fibroadenomas occur more frequently during the reproductive years or before menopause. There is also a fibroadenoma that enlarges during pregnancy or when using hormone therapy, and this may shrink after menopause.

    The experts classify fibroadenomas into simple and complex. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), simple fibroadenoma looks the same when examining it under a microscope.

    While the fibroadenoma complex is usually larger and has different features. Benign tumors are most commonly experienced by women aged 20-30 years.

    Fibroadenomas occur when the body forms excessive mammary glandular tissue. Generally fibroadenoma can disappear by itself.

    But sometimes it can also stay and enlarge, especially during pregnancy. The cause of fibroadenoma is generally not known with certainty.

    Because of this condition, many menopausal and postmenopausal women experience hormone replacement therapy. So it is suspected fibroadenoma can be due to changes in estrogen hormone levels.

    It's just that fibroadenoma that does not go away is generally treated by surgery. When menstruating women sometimes breast changes are clearly visible.

    This is due to hormonal changes during the cycle. Characteristics are lumps in one or both breasts. These lumps get bigger and harden before menstruation.

    The lump that is felt can feel hard or soft and can consist of one or several lumps. Sometimes fluid comes out of the nipple.

    Pain is sometimes felt and there is also a change in breast size, this is called fibrosistics.

    Fibrosistics does not require special handling. But if you can not stand the pain paramedics will provide a prescription to help relieve pain during menstruation.

    Lumps and pain caused by fibrosistics will generally subside after menstruation is complete. Therefore, any lump in the breast does not indicate cancer.

    But to make the diagnosis stronger, it is advisable to check yourself. This ignorance can decide that your breast lump is cancerous or not?

    According to the American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation at Healthline, about 10 percent of women in the United States get a diagnosis of fibroadenoma.

    Tumors consist of glandular and connective tissue, and can vary in various sizes. Some are so small that one cannot feel them, while others are easily found during self-examination.

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