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Wet Cupping Treatment Heal My Bells Palsy Featured

    Wet Cupping Treatment Heal My Bells PalsyWet Cupping Treatment Heal My Bells Palsy

    I am a Bells Palsy sufferer. Alhamdulillah, my condition was good after being captured at Bengkel Manusia Indonesia, not any cupping, www.bekam.or.id.

    My job is a lecturer at a private university. When I got Bells Palsy, I was 40 years old.

    Indeed, to heal requires a process that is not short. Before being burned I also took a series of treatments. It's just that healing is not optimal.

    Alhamdulillah, by Allah's permission, my face is now back to normal. I got hit by Bells Palsy after work from campus.

    I went on a motorcycle everywhere. That night, when I got home on a motorcycle it felt like something was stinging on the right cheek.

    Yes poignant. It feels like it has been stung by a honey bee. I think it really has a bee sting. But it was impossible because at that time I was riding a motorcycle.

    Until my house washed my face and ablution continued to sleep. Tomorrow, when I wake up, the right side of my face feels heavy. Can not move.

    Then I look in the mirror. Shocked, the surface of the skin like sagging. I was panicked at that time because I had never experienced anything like this.

    Yes, I went straight to the doctor. At the clinic the doctor said that this was a symptom of Bells Palsy. What is that, my mind?

    Then the doctor said that Bells Palsy could be cured. Alhamdulillah, then in my heart. I was given medicine and medical advice.

    In addition to seeing a doctor, I also received therapy at the Bengkel Manusia Indonesia. It feels like only taking medicine for accelerating healing is rather lacking.

    When Ashar (pray) was finished, I called the hijamah expert from Bengkel Manusia Indonesia. He said that he usually runs out of Maghrib.

    I made the promise. Not using pleasantries, I told my emotions. Not long I was immediately arrested.

    The next day my body felt light. Usually my shoulders and back feel as heavy as carrying a weight.

    Then I check in the mirror, Alhamdulillah, my face condition has gradually improved. The change is very significant.

    I am among those who are obedient to experts. Whether it's health experts, scientific experts, or other experts.

    Including the father of this expert medicine. I was advised nine times for therapy and the results were completely cured.

    In my belief, the skilled person already has experience and research. So yes inevitably have to follow expert advice.

    Therefore, I need to write this story as my experience recovering from Bells Palsy after being captured.

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