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Disposing of Dirty Blood by Cupping Featured

    Disposing of Dirty Blood by CuppingDisposing of Dirty Blood by Cupping

    One cause of the disease is due to the large pile of oxidants in the body. Overcoming these oxidants usually by administering antioxidants regularly. Even so, this does not mean oxidant is completely gone from the body.

    "Oxidant it must be removed. If not, he will be blamed troublemakers who cause various inconveniences," Wahyudi Widada, the doctor medicine therapyst.

    Oxidants appear as "defeat" of the body with the power system of the attacker outside the human body. The immune system is composed of leukocytes, hormones, and enzymes were defeated by an attacker from outside the body.

    Such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. As a result, the immune system was weakened.

    Giving antioxidants actually keep oxidants not only taller, but the oxidant itself that became the problem is not removed from the body.

    In the medical community itself, giving more priority to the antioxidants compared to issuing its oxidant.

    "So far, the doctors are not too concerned with oxidants. They cause more struggling with the disease," told Wahyudi.

    Method to remove oxidants from the body known as the Oxidant Releasing Therapy (ORT), hijamah (Arabic), cupping, oxidant therapy, canthuk (Javaneese), letter head, or other.

    In Indonesia, the method has been developed since ancient times. This technique is done by working as leeches who suck the blood of humans.

    "The 0.4 millimeter leech bite and then suck. The same working principle applied to ORT," said Candra P. Pusponegoro, the master of Oxidant Releasing Therapyst.

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