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After Wet Cupping, I Cancel Install Heart Ring Featured

    After Wet Cupping, I Cancel Install Heart RingAfter Wet Cupping, I Cancel Install Heart Ring

    I don't put a ring on my heart. At first when there was shortness of breath and was taken by one to the hospital in Batam city, I was required to attach two heart rings.

    The doctor said that at that time, I couldn’t help but have to install it, if it can’t be dangerous. Alhamdulillah I am a regular Oxidant Therapy in Bengkel Manusia Batam, until now, I do not need to attach the ring and be declared healthy.

    This is a such of the testimony of Abdul Manan, 60 years old, one of the hundreds of patients of Bengkel Manusia Batam who had been diagnosed by a doctor to install a ring in his heart. Not enough one ring, the doctor requires that he put two rings at once so that it can be normal and relapse again.

    I am (Abdul Manan) live near the mainland Meranti Riau Island. Incidentally my child works in Batam city. This employer of my child often does Oxidant Therapy in the Bengkel Manusia Batam. Because he is healthy, he encourages his subordinates to keep this therapy routine healthy.

    One time my son told his employer to ask permission because he had to take care of his parents in the village. When asked by his employer, why did he have to go back to the village? My child replied that his father had heart disease.

    Of course at that time the employer was surprised because to often return home the transportation fee was not small. Well before going home, my son’s employer suggested that his father be treated alone in Batam. Try to be persuaded by his father, who knows his heart is open and wants to be treated here.

    Arriving at home, her father’s heart disease recurred and the hospital in his area could not handle it. At that time I had to be taken to a more modern hospital and its location was far from his hometown. About five hours by boat.

    At that time, I was hospitalized for five days for the treatment of heart disease. After five days his condition has improved. It’s just that the doctor says you should immediately install two rings, otherwise it will recur like that later on.

    Because my child always accompanied me at that time, he told me I tried the father of therapy as my employer recommended. Then my child told me about the therapy process and how it was done, including the cost and how many times it had to be treated.

    The next day, after returning from the hospital, I did not immediately go back to my place of origin, because I had to control and check the health again at the hospital that handled me at the time. I was overwhelmed and I was eager to try that therapy. Who knows, can it be heal? In my heart, try it, hopefully it works.

    Then I said to my child, tomorrow, please help me to the therapy place that you said yesterday. Or if you can’t, the youngsters are asked to attend this house (my child’s home). My child agreed and consulted, apparently he was willing to come to the house.

    In the afternoon after the appointment, he came to my son’s house. The person is young and energetic. When I meet first in my heart it seems like it just fits in. I was introduced to my child and he talked. Well, it turns out he is friendly and knowledgeable. I am happy to hear that.

    At that time he told me before therapy, you must be sure and sincere to accept this. God willing, can heal with the permission of Allah. I just nodded and followed what he had ordered.

    Although at that time it occurred to me that I was 60 years old, but I felt happy and fit with him, even I felt he was not like 30 years old. I think I think he is older than me, even though I see he is around 30 years old.

    Thirty minutes of treatment and completion. I feel comfortable and comfortable. There was something that felt heavy on my chest like it was pulled out. He said, every two days must be treated. God willing, in two weeks the benefits were felt and the results were maximal.

    It was true, I followed his advice and direction, my condition gradually improved. A week after I was treated, I had to check into the hospital. When checked in the hospital, the doctor asked me, can your heart condition be this good?

    Then the doctor saw the therapeutic marks on my body while astonished. What therapy did you take? How come the heart condition is good and does not need to be fitted with a ring. Hearing that, I was shocked and interrupted the doctor's conversation? Ah, what is a doctor, he said yesterday that you have to put on a ring?

    Then the doctor showed me the results of a heart ultrasound while explaining in detail about my current heart condition. The doctor said, the father was healthy and did not need to attach the ring. Simply take the medicine and get enough rest. Next month, check back here.

    Hearing the doctor's statement, my child and I stared at each other. Between amazement and gratitude. Confused and happy. Then I returned to my son's house. While on the road we were still silent and astonished.

    Got home at noon. In the afternoon I made an agreement with him who wanted to respond. Then I told him that my doctor said I didn't need to attach the ring. He smiled then said Alhamdulillah, all for Allah's mercy and help.

    As usual, I therapy again. I was treated for two weeks. After feeling good, comfortable and light body I finally decided to go back to my hometown. My son is delivering to the port.

    Next month I checked into the hospital again and was declared healthy or normal. Now to maintain my heart health, every month to my children's home, I specialize in therapy for Human Bengke.

    Hopefully this true story can provide a lesson for us all that something that is done with pleasure and sincerity will produce maximum results. Maybe if there are readers who experience like me, try therapy here. Get well.

    Human Heart

    The heart is the main organ in the human body. If the heart has a problem, it causes many problems in a person's body. One type of heart and blood vessel disease that occurs a lot is coronary heart disease (CHD).

    This disease is often called the "silent killer". In our lives in society, someone does not realize that he has this disease. There are times when there are no signs of a heart attack or heart failure.

    It is very important for us to notice the symptoms of heart disease early. As studied by medicine, heart disease is all a disease that occurs due to impaired heart function.

    Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common type of heart disease. This condition is a result of the buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries. So that it inhibits blood flow to the heart and increases the risk of heart attack and other complications.

    Coronary heart disease is usually caused by accumulation of cholesterol so that it forms plaques on the arterial wall for a considerable period of time. Over time this condition will cause a blocked blood flow and this disorder is known as atherosclerosis
    Over time, coronary heart disease can cause the heart muscle to weaken, and cause complications such as heart failure and arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders).

    Meanwhile, other types of this disease include irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), weak heart muscle (cardiomyopathy), and others. Basically the symptoms of this disease will vary depending on the type of heart disease a person has.

    Characteristics of heart disease may also be different for men and women. For example, men are more likely to experience chest pain. While in addition to experiencing chest pain, women also tend to have other symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, and often feel chronic fatigue.

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