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I Have Already Cured from Cancer Featured

    I Have Already Cured from CancerI Have Already Cured from Cancer

    Patients with cancer generally have an excessive fear. There are deliberately not think about or do not want to think that he is at risk of developing cancer.

    Reluctant to consult a doctor on the grounds if proved correct diagnosis. So a person to seek alternative treatment, "smart people", shinse, acupuncture, or herbalist.

    If all is done, the doctor finally gave also to the higher stage of cancer. If we know, the delay of medical treatment would be seriously impact and damaged.

    Because the cancer has spread to create his cell everywhere (invasion). In fact, the fear of causing cancer becomes not helped.

    Less knowledge about cancer causes one's fears become excessive. People with cancer are always resigned and lost his optimism.

    Most cancer patients assume that the disease can not be cured. His family also suffered from the lack of information and knowledge assets.

    Plus the expensive drug, a long process of treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation painful, just like in the movie drama or soap opera.

    Why would a person can get cancer? As told by the Secretary of the Cancer Information Support Center (CISC) ​​Batam, Riau Islands Province, Dra. Dewi Koriati.

    According to him, when he was sentenced to a doctor, first of all he asks why you can get cancer?

    Yet during the process of life, he was living a healthy life, ie no smoking, no children cancer, breast feeding, or childbirth. But in fact the doctors pronounced him cancer.

    Including the Minister of Health, Dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, he had to give up because of the lung cancer is stage IV.

    Cancer is a disease unique, sometimes come without symptoms felt. Until now, cancer is not yet known for sure what causes it.

    "The environmental factors to trigger the onset of cancer. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, air pollution, cigarette smoke, industrial waste, chemicals, genetics, and stress," said Dewi Koriati to me, several times ago.

    According to him, every day food eaten outside person does not know whether the food contains preservatives, dyes or pesticides all of which are carcinogenic (cause cancer). The simplest way is always introspective of cancer.

    Goddess consider that in the person's body there are still small cancer cells that may develop. To develop it, cancer cells require nutrition.

    If the food is not enough nutrients and then the cancer will not grow and it will die. So, how to turn off the cancer cells from multiplying in the body?

    Someone should know that cancer cells can not thrive in an oxygen-rich environment.

    Therefore, exercising every day, breathing in the clean air, sipping can make the supply of oxygen to the body becomes higher.

    "This way will make the cancer cells become uncomfortable and cancer cells can be withered," said Dewi is convicted of a cancerous lump in one part of his body.

    She has a simple way when the doctors pronounced him cancer. The first step, he said do not panic.

    Think of it being sentenced to ordinary illness, such as appendicitis, ulcers or other diseases that can be cured. She asserted, was sentenced cancer does not mean a person sentenced to death.

    "Back when I run ultrasound in Early Bros Hospital, prompting the treating doctor in order to Dharmais Jakarta (cancer specialty hospital in Jakarta). This suggestion makes my hopes collapsed. What comes to mind is death. Not knowing what to do and actually minimal information," she recalls.

    The second step is a kind thought to God. It is most important, because there must be a silver lining for someone. All this has a lot of the best gift given by God to man it. So, if the cancer should be accepted gracefully.

    Third, believe cancer can be cured. The earlier known to the greater hope for recovery. This means that medical treatment live obediently and discipline.

    If someone had cancer biopsy done to determine the condition of cancer, do surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.

    "Heavy chemotherapy treatment phase, a lot of people who do not live strong. Generally, chemotherapy was performed six times. Entering the drug intravenously. The effect is severe, such as nausea, hair loss, no appetite, diarrhea, and mouth sores," she explained.

    According to his experience, while undergoing chemotherapy, he can still run his office and duties as usual. Although the hair, eyebrows, eyelashes fall out everything.

    However Dewi remain confident running activities. Finally all passable and not as scary as previously imagined.

    "After the completion of chemotherapy, followed by radiation treatment. Ie, treatment with high-energy rays to kill cancer cells. The treatment is usually done as many as 26 times or more and done every day," she explained.

    When undergoing radiation Hospital KPJ Johor, Dewi should still work. Every day, she had to commute Johor-Batam Batam. Radiation process takes about 20 minutes.

    According to him, many other patients undergoing radiation and choose boarding or rental houses in the area of ​​Johor being unable to travel back and forth.

    This process is completed, the patient should see a doctor regularly. Especially check the blood to determine the level of trigger tumors.

    According to doctors, cancer patients more appropriately called a survivor because they have to continue to survive and fight until five years after treatment

    After five years passed, they can be said to be fully recovered. Here, everyone has a risk of getting cancer. It is necessary always introspective and equip with knowledge about cancer.

    Including lifestyle and diet to be healthy, live life with a relaxed, no stress, and always pray.

    "Perform regular health checks. Current technology is more advanced, there are some cancers can be detected early as pap smear, mammography, ultrasound, colonoscopy, MRI, and petscan," advice him.

    She warned, if there are any lumps or growth in a person's body, and quickly check to the doctor.

    Do not delay because the sooner identified and addressed, the better. Definitive treatment would be even cheaper than if it is severe.

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