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Tumors and Cancers Are Breaking Down Featured

    Tumors and Cancers Are Breaking DownTumors and Cancers Are Breaking Down

    There are many methods of treatment in the developing world. Can be broadly divided into two types, namely modern medicine and traditional medicine.

    Modern medicine is increasingly growing as indicated by the rapid advancement of science and technology in the field of modern medicine.

    Meanwhile, traditional medicine is also experiencing an increase in the current trend.

    Not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. One type is the traditional treatment methods Oxidant Releasing Therapy.

    This therapy has been known since thousands of years ago and evolved in the Middle Eastern countries. Such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

    This treatment method has now grown almost all over the world, including Indonesia.

    According to a therapy practitioners Oxidant Releasing Therapy, Candra P. Pusponegoro, in Indonesia, the therapy is known by various names. For example kop, canthuk, bekam, hijamah, tanduk, etc.

    In modern medicine, this method is also used to treat a variety of diseases, such as blood pressure (high and low), infection of the heart vessels, relieve angina pectoris, infection of the lining of the heart vessels, lung diseases (asthma, bronchitis, and other spots ), and trachea disease (thyroid, tonsils).

    In addition, disease dizziness (vertigo, migraine), eye, acute reumathic, cysts or meom, all types of cancer and tumors, allergic skin (acne, itching, etc), stroke, impaired reproduction (difficult descent), stomach illnesses, and neck and various other diseases.

    The advantages of this treatment method is not cause negative side effects because it does not use chemical drugs.

    It is very popular in Europe, particularly Germany where there are several companies that produce medical there special tools and as well as special bags for this therapy.

    For example Aitienge company in Germany. Number of specialists from the west, further Chandra, also has conducted research on the specially treatment with this therapy.

    For example, Michael Reed Gach is the Doctor of California, USA with a dissertation entitled Potent Points, A Guide to Self-Care for Common Ailment (Dots Efficacious as Self-Care Guide and General Medicine).

    Also Thomas W. Anderson who in 1985 wrote the book 100 Diseases Treated by Cupping Method (100 diseases that can be treated with cupping therapy).

    Candra said the practice of medicine is growing rapidly in Indonesia, also in other countries. The indication is that the more the attraction and medicine experts to examine about this therapy.

    Moreover, public interest in using this method to cure the disease, also increased. Even now formed Haajim Indonesian Institute (IHI), which is a forum for experts or practitioners of hijamah.

    He explained that the principle of this treatment is removing impure blood in the body which is the source of various diseases. How to make head or suction with a special tool.

    For that, Candra, first performed in the surface scratching the skin with a scalpel or a surgical blade at the point or points.

    The depth of the scratches are not more than 0.09 milimetres and a length of no more than 0,5 centimetre. Before that first made local anesthetic. Furthermore, do the dirty blood sucking it down with a special tool.

    The indication is plasma or white blood discharge at any point special points at one point. According to traditional medicine, under the skin, muscle, and fascia there is a point or a point that has special properties.

    Among other points, the points are interconnected by longitudinal and transverse form nets. This mesh can be equated with meridians or habitats.

    With the net then there is a close relationship interdepartmental body to form an integral and inseparable and can react simultaneously.

    "That is, abnormalities that occur at one point can be contagious and affect the other points. Treatment at one point could also treat other point," explains Candra.

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