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Celebrating Her Mother's Birthday Featured

Joy of international child models from Singapore, Lauren Natasha Campbell, celebrating her mother’s birthday at the restaurant Sanur Batam Center, though never forgotten.

In addition to celebrating with his family, a six-year-old girl is celebrating with the children orphanage Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam.

The arrival of international child models who frequently enter the top ten winners at the event in the Junior Model International was not just a mere party.

But brought a lot of gifts, daily necessities, and some money to the children of the orphanage Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam.

Not only that, the young model that has entered the top ten at the international contest in London, Paris, United States of America, or India had a chance to entertain the kid’s orphanage with an energetic dance.

With the accompaniment of music, Lauren Natasha Campbell danced on a mini stage in Sanur Restaurant Batam Center.

All visitors, especially children orphanages, including employees of the restaurant was struck by the appearance of Lauren Natasha Campbell slick and supple.

For ten minutes he danced. Participants are fascinated by its appearance, including five journalists covering the events in locations give praise.

“I come here (Batam) with family, my mom, sisters, and brother. Love being able to meet up with friends here,” said Lauren Natasha Campbell before appearing on stage, Monday (November 28, 2016).

While the biological mother, Hani Crystal Campbell said the birthday events were organized with the children orphanage Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam is the first time.

She said that she was happy to be able to celebrate with all the children. She said, when she was five years old, she had become an orphan.

Since a child, she was raised by his aunt and uncle. Remembering her little story, she always felt optimistic that someday there will be a miracle.

So she never feels sad. She remained spirit lived her life without her parents. We celebrate the 45th anniversary, she said that children are our the future.

“I can feel the children are there in front of me. When I was five years old, I have become an orphan. Every chance I always share with children the orphanage.

Children are our future and my message, the children must have the principle of life,” said Hani Crystal Campbell while celebrating her birthday.

Besides instructed the children orphanage Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam, she hopes orphanage often attended is known to many people.

The hope, with known many people, those who have the financial ability to provide its contribution to the orphanage.

“I want the orphanage to be known by the public. I, therefore invite the journalists covering the event in order to spread information widely,” said Hani Crystal Campbell.

Founder and caretaker of Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam, Misbahul Huda, he is very happy with this celebration party. Said, Misbahul Huda, for celebration outside the new foundation first.

Previously, charities that families Hani Crystal Campbell held at the orphanage as many as four times. While events in Sanur restaurant this is the fifth time activities.

Misbahul Huda said, the core event is a prayer done with the children orphanage. Previously, said Misbahul Huda, daughter of Hani Crystal Campbell who has international achievements that before he entered the race event always come to the orphanage for a charity and asked for prayers.

“The essence of this event is to pray to Allah to be given easily. Because prayer is one way to ask Allah to change destiny. Insha Allah will be granted God’s prayer,” said Misbahul Huda, S.Ag., M.Si.

Lauren Natasha Campbell, international child models from Singapore, celebrating her mother’s birthday at the restaurant Sanur Batam Center.

He said that the orphanage was established and operation since 2011 last year with as many as 25 people in foster care. However, the licensing and administrative matters are taken care of by 2016. By notarial deed dated June 22, 2016, and Decree Number AHU-Kemenkumham 0028392.01.04.Tahun.2016.

“For matters of food, Insha Allah is enough. It’s just that the needs of children orphanage as pocket money school children who still need help from donors. Hopefully, there are donors who are willing to share sustenance for the children of our orphanage,” said the caretakers who live in Perum Taman Raya Tahap I Blok EI Nomor 10 Batam Center.

Lauren, The Unique Model

Hani Crystal Campbell and family, the donors of orphanage Yayasan Anak Cemerlang Batam giving a speech.

She has been an international pageant in London-United of Kingdom, Paris-French, Texas United States of America, and Kochi-India.

In October, Lauren Natasha Campbell has won three international junior category models in India. Among this demonstration won the best dress, the best modeling talent, and junior international best model.

January 2017, he will be invited to the international junior event in Moscow, Russia. Then in August 2017 will follow the same event in the country of Bulgaria.

“Next year still pending to Russia-Moscow and Bulgaria. The reason why I said pending because we have not decided which country. This year alone we went four international pageants.  Next year, she will be in P1 and it’s very difficult for her schedule. So we will only focus more on her ice figure contest,” said her mother’s, Hani Crystal Campbell.

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